Environmental Statement

Our Environmental Policy covers all aspects of the business, both in our day to day activities/operations and the services we provide our clients.   

Arcus is committed to continual improvement of all aspects of its operations. As part of this commitment to continual improvement, Arcus is determined to manage and reduce the environmental impacts of its operations in the following ways:

  • Ensuring this environmental statement is available to the employees, clients, our supply chain and the general public
  • Integrating environmental factors into our business decisions
  • Minimising the consumption of resources and energy, minimise the waste produced and look to maximise the reuse/recycling of that waste
  • Reducing pollution hazards associated with buildings, both internally and externally
  • Actively looking to reduce/prevent pollution and reduce our emissions to the environment
  • Continuing to meet and comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and codes of practices that relate to our activities and services, and those of our Customers/Clients
  • Implementing, auditing and maintaining an Environmental Management System which meets the requirements of ISO 14001
  • Ensuring all employees are aware of their environmental responsibilities
  • Promoting ownership and control of environmental issues at the appropriate levels of our business
  • Avoiding, where possible, the disruption of natural habitats and the local environment

The Practice promises to seek to achieve our main policy objectives by actively reviewing the environmental impact of all aspects of its operations at regular intervals. We will implement the above principles via development of our environmental management systems and set objectives and targets based on the environmental impacts of our activities.

A full copy of our Environmental Policy is available upon request.   

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