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Arcus has tackled a huge variety of projects in all key market sectors...

arcus sectors overview

Arcus provide unique systems and processes that have been specifically developed to meet the needs of each key market sector. These sectors often involve environments where the pressure to improve efficiencies, enhance value and innovate is key to success. Arcus applies its skills and expertise to provide cost-effective building solutions and assist clients in meeting these challenges as well as their individual business goals.


We are strongly differentiated by the breadth and depth of our expertise and knowledge of the Housing Sector.


We recognise the changing needs of the education sector and have developed tailored services in response.


The multi-discipline approach provided allows for innovative solutions for value creation in what is a complex and rapidly changing environment.


Our solution-based facilities and asset management services are based on our core competencies of expertise.


We provide commercial building services, from small specialist projects through to large complex schemes.