Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR), demands that organisations manage the environmental, social and economic impacts of their business.

At Arcus we recognise the link between the sustainable growth of our business and fulfilling responsibilities to our clients, people, business partners and the communities in which we work.

We ensure that our business is conducted according to rigorous professional and legal standards in all respects and have a number of policies in place that support our CSR strategy including:

  • Customer Care Policy
  • Environmental Policy
  • Equal Opportunity Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Quality Assurance Policy
  • Staff Training Policy

Our CSR Strategy reflects our senior management’s attitude towards integrity and high ethical values to support the achievement of our business vision.

We will continue to put corporate and social responsibility firmly at the heart of our business and to distinguish ourselves by making a positive impact on the lives of everyone with which we work - our clients, people, business partners and local communities.

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