Russell Mansions


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This unlisted but prominent and attractive Victorian mansion block is located on a busy high street running by Russell Square in central London.  It was built in the 1890s and comprises a decorative façade with red brick and limestone quoins with intricate stone carvings including corbels, bosses and window pediments.  The exposed location means that polluted air and acid rain have eroded the stone and brickwork, and the roof slates were in very poor condition.

Arcus devised a conservation strategy involving minimal interference in the stone fabric, with only targeted repairs and a shelter coat system to preserve and extend the life of the façade whilst improving its aesthetic.  The roof was re-slated and all new leadwork laid to the parapet gutters and other key details, all to LSA standards.  During the works the central raised parapet was found to be leaning and unstable; Arcus engaged a structural engineer and designed a discreet method of restraining and stabilising the parapet to ensure its safety.  All new traditional sash windows were provided to the front elevation and all other windows refurbished.

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