Omskirk Footpath


West Lancashire Borough Council




Arcus were employed by West Lancashire Borough Council to oversee the widening and improvements to the existing footpath which would provide additional space for both cyclists and pedestrians using the pathway. The 215 metre pathway runs between Ormskirk train station and bus station, and travels under the Derby Street bridge. West Lancashire Borough Council were keen to implement improvement works as part of a wider cycle-link project to promote cycle routes throughout the borough.

The new footpath was constructed using a recycled rubber aggregate providing a permeable surface to aid drainage and remove standing water and the risk of ice. In addition to the new footpath works and removal of existing vegetation, a new boundary wall built from Gabion baskets was incorporated along a section of the footpath to support the embankment, whilst areas of the path where an incline was present had new handrails and landings installed to improve accessibility. New lighting columns featuring LED lanterns were also introduced along the footpath to improve visibility and security.

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