Cornbrook Medical Practice


Cornbrook Medical Practice




Arcus was appointed as lead consultant for the extension, remodelling and refurbishment of Cornbrook Medical Practice to provide an additional three surgery rooms and a new staff room. The works were funded by the landlord, Mosscare St Vincents Housing Group, as part of the estate development programme.

The advantage of Arcus’ appointment as designers was enhanced by our ability to provide a multidiscipline approach through the contribution of our architects and building surveyors working together as part of the design team.  Internal reviews were regularly completed to ensure compliance with the relevant Health Technical Memoranda documents and Health Building Notes.

The project was complicated by several challenges, including working in a live patient environment and carrying out works during the Covid 19 pandemic. However, Arcus developed strong working relationships with the building occupiers and project stakeholders and was able provide a consistent high level of service that minimised disruption throughout the scheme.


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