Equal Treatment & Service

Equality & Diversity Statement

Arcus is committed to providing equal treatment and service to all our existing and potential employees, our supply team partners, our clients and their customers and the community in which they operate.

Arcus’ Equality and Diversity policy applies to all Arcus staff at any level and is in regard to the treatment of employees, potential employees, tenants, customers and all dealings with members of our community, regardless of race, religion or belief, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, age, marital status (including civil partnerships), pregnancy/maternity, or any other reason which cannot be justified.

The policy aims to provide clarity in regards to individual and managerial responsibility for compliance with this statement and to promote fairness through recruitment, selection, training, promotion, pay, career development, discipline, grievance and the relationship of all staff to each other.

Arcus seeks to eliminate discrimination, victimisation, harassment, bullying and any other act, or omission of an act which has, as its effect, the disadvantage of one person against another on the above grounds.

Arcus seeks to encourage integrity, openness, trust and respect in an environment where any member of staff will be encouraged to challenge unacceptable behaviour and will be supported in such an action unless it is untrue or made in bad faith.

Equal Opportunity Employer

Arcus is an equal opportunity employer. We accept that everyone has a right to their distinctive and diverse identities. Arcus will monitor the composition of our workforce, its equal opportunity and recruitment policies and will take positive action if it appears that the Company’s statement is not being fully implemented or is ineffective in ensuring a fair and equal environment.

A full copy of our Equal Opportunity Policy is available upon request.   

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